Project 100

What is Project 100?

Project 100 is a crowd sourcing campaign to raise funds for our upcoming community building projects like The Diamond Bistro and Lyric Theater.  

"Diamond Bistro" is attached to the historic "Lyric Theater"  which conjures up much nostalgia for so many and has been closed since the late 60's. Those visiting/patronizing "Diamond Bistro" will be able to come in and have a look at what is left of Lyric Theater... share memories of its nostalgic past and offer new and fresh ideas, suggestions of what they would like to see come out of the potential restoration of this charming theater.  It is our hope that "Diamond Bistro" will be a gateway to the restoration of the theater and a spring board for further revitalization of Fairport Harbor.

We invite the community to take part in this community building project and share in the fundraising and restoration progress  each step of the way. We are fortunate that we have many talented community members and alumni already very interested in partnering with us to help us reach our goals.  

Those donating to "Project 100" will be enshrined with recognition as a founding member of "Diamond Bistro" and partake in a celebration soiree following the culmination of the successful campaign.  Diamond believes in "community infused education" and this is the first of many exciting "Diamond Facets" to come!

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Gifts of all sizes are welcome, and we are incredibly grateful for any amount, from a $1 donation to sponsoring a distinguished staff member's salary. The amount with which you're comfortable is the amount we graciously accept. If you wish to make a major impact, we have suggested amounts along with the item(s) you'll receive for your donation. 

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You most certainly may setup a recurring donation, either automatically-charged to your credit, debit or checking account or via manually-approved transactions over PayPal. For such automated recurring gifts, we prefer the safety and reliability of PayPal's encrypted platform. 

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For particularly special donations such as land, stocks, bonds, options, endowments or any wire transfers, please contact us.

Can I Donate Supplies, Property or Time?

Yes! We absolutely accept non-monetary gifts, including technology, school and office supplies, building space, 1-on-1 time for community enrichment projects, property (for school campus expansion) and more! Better yet, you can donate a combination! We will always provide a receipt for your contribution(s). Please note, this company is an LLC without 501(c)(3) status. For a tax deductible donation, see our partner organization which is a 501(c)(3)- and Ohio-designated non-profit organization

Other Questions?

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